Sebastian Buitrago is a young producer of Colombian nationality, which stands out in the genres of EDM, Jungle Terror and Hard Trap.


His interest in electronic music was born towards the year 2012, when he listened to the song Bangaran de Skrillex. It was so much his interest that he decided to search the internet like Dubstep. I tried and tried, but could not understand the complicated tutorials I saw.


In 2015, the launching of the film Fast and Furious 7 was set much in the song Get Low by DJ Snake, which has a strong Arabica beat. By then Sebastian already had a laptop with the FL Studio just downloaded, then from there he decided to make tracks that would charm all the fans of electronic music.


In the year 2016, Sebastian launches his first track on SoundCloud, this was called "Trap". As its name says, the song is Trap (EDM), and it was made with native libraries and synths of FL Studio. Today Sebastian has 22 tracks on his SoundCloud profile (counting remixes and original tracks), among which are: Trap, Frakatan (Sebastian Buitrago Remix), Taka Tu! , And We Are Warriors (Sebastian Buitrago remix).


Sebastian is considered by many a great producer, because his tracks are completely authentic and very good.